Environmental Responsibility

At Central African Gold we believe in doing the right things in the right way. We have always demonstrated accountability and transparency in our actions and decisions. To reach this standard, we require effective leadership to support a culture based on openness and honesty which creates an external focus on the needs of our partners, the community, and the planet.

Central African Gold has taken an important role in bettering the communities in the areas where it operates. We are actively working to identify the best methods to serve those communities by providing clean energy, and the empowerment that rural electrification enables. Through our efforts in providing these communities with clean energy access, we are providing for social and economic development of the region while also mitigating against the effects of climate change.

Our respect for the environment also drives our day-to-day operations, influencing every aspect of what we do on the ground. This requires a set of robust systems, processes, and procedures to ensure adherence to established industry best practices relating to safety, the environment, and ethical business conduct specifically in labour practices. It implies measuring our impact tangibly and putting new methods and technologies into place as we expand our ground efforts in exploration and extraction.

Through our practices and community actions, Central African Gold is well positioned to meet, and even exceed all our environmental, social, and governance requirements. We look forward to sharing more about our environmental impact as we develop our activities and deploy our ESG strategy over the coming years.

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